Who Are We

Proceeding from the need of some Muslims in the world for a party to provide the rituals of exchange for them from the people of trust and trust, and in accordance with the Shariah rulings related to the rituals of worship that pertain to the rituals of Umrah and Hajj. Among the Muslims in the world whose financial or health conditions do not allow them to perform this ritual on their own.


Manasik Al-Badal Trading Est. seeks to achieve a successful, stable and beneficial spiritual environment for every Muslim through excellence and credibility in providing Manasik (legitim ritual)  services on behalf of every needy Muslim in the world.

The Message

With an efficient and distinguished team that is familiar with all legal sciences regarding Umrah, Hajj and expiation, the Manasik (rites) Est are proud of facilitating the work of legal requests in the holy city of Makkah, with honesty, credibility and pride in serving every Muslim around the world at the lowest possible affordable cost.


  1. Leadership
  2. Perfection in compliance with the noble hadith (Verily, Allah Almighty loves if one of you does a job that he does it very well, (Perfects)
  3. High morals in dealing
  4. Spreading the Islamic legal Science
  5. Spreading knowledge awareness on the approach of the Qur’an and Sunnah
  6. Providing the service at the lowest possible reasonable cost